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Floating Dispensers 60100

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Red Leopard Pool Flip Floater – Flips over when empty

Patented ‘Flip’ Technology – Visually warns you when it’s time to refill with chemicals.

    Upright when Full.
Begins to ‘Lean’ over when it is almost empty … time to think about refilling.
‘Flips’ onto its side when empty … no guessing!


  • Safer – no need to check if pool flip-floater needs refilling.
  • Flow Control – Variable adjustable release settings to manage the flow of chemicals into Swimming Pool or Spa.
  • Pool or Spa Flip-Floater Models Available:
      • Pool Flip-Floater holds five 3″ tablets
      • Spa Flip-Floater holds five 1″ tablets

Superior Refillable + Patented Automatic ‘Flip’ System:

The Red Leopard Flip-Floater is a superior ‘adjustable flow rate dispenser’ that uses standard chemical tables. It provides a visual from full … early warning…to empty ‘flip’ system. When empty it flips onto its side. Once the flow rate has been set – it will release a steady flow of chemicals. The Flip-Floater is also highly preferred as back-up use: For … absentee owners, during vacations, for ‘snow bird’ residents, and during power outages and rainy seasons!

Smart Technology:

Managing the chemical levels is important for pool and spa owners to ensure the pool/spa water stays clean and healthy. Red Leopard’s Flip-Floater is a simple and cost effective way of keeping a watch on the chemical levels … never again having to lift old style chemical dispensers out of the water (which can be a sloppy mess) just to check if the tables might need replacing. Continuous and the various ‘leaning’ warning stages will notify Owners that it is time keep a watch and begin ‘thinking’ about replacing the tablets. The Flip-Floater is the worlds most advanced Floating Chemicals Dispenser.


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